Wash and fold service in Los Angeles

Our wash and fold services are the easiest and most affordable way to have your laundry cleaned in large bulk volumes or in small amounts. At $1.80 per pound of laundry, our wash and fold services are a great solution no matter what your laundry needs are. Wash and fold isn’t just for people without washers and dryers in their homes. Customers using our wash and fold laundry services include professionals looking to have clean pressed dress shirts for work, restaurants with bulk volumes of linens, medical practices with towels and uniforms, and households with large loads of laundry.

At $1.80 per pound, Wash Wizards fluff and fold is the most affordable way to handle laundry of any size. For first time orders, the first 25 pounds of laundry is free. Take the opportunity to use our wash and dry service to get caught up on your home’s backed up laundry. Then you can keep your clothes, towels, bedding, and linens washed and folded at all times for far cheaper than a coin op laundromat, and you’ll save hours of time using wash and fold instead of doing laundry at home.

I have a washer and dryer at home, why use a wash and fold service?

Many of our customers are families with washers and dryers in home. Laundry can pile up quickly, and with an average load taking as much as two hours to complete from start to finish, and that doesn’t even include folding. Putting a serious dent in a large amount of laundry can feel like a part time job in itself. Doing laundry at home can be fine for a load or two, but when you begin to accumulate many loads, it’s sometimes not possible to find all the hours to wash and fold your own laundry. Wash Wizards wash and fold service provides you with a 24 hours or less turnaround time for any amount of laundry.

Many of our customers are first-time wash and fold users. When people learn about how fast and affordable it is to have their laundry handled through Wash Wizards, they’re convinced to schedule us to handle their laundry. Once you’ve had your clothes and linens handled by Wash Wizards you’ll never want to go back to handling your own laundry.

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All laundry is delivered within 24 hours of pickup washed, dried, cleaned, folded, and ready to wear, with all cleaning services guaranteed. Please contact us or click here to get started with our wash and fold, commercial laundry, or dry cleaning services. Please see our complete service area. If your location in the greater Los Angeles area is not listed, please contact us to inquire about laundry pickup in your area.