Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery - Pasadena, Arcadia, Monrovia

Our pickup and delivery dry cleaning service is the best way to have your delicates and sensitive garments dry cleaned. Our professional dry cleaning service allows you to have your wool suit, coat, or other garment which can’t be traditionally washed, scheduled for dry cleaning 24 hours per day. Schedule your dry cleaning for pickup online anytime, we’ll collect your clothing items as soon as possible, and we’ll deliver them dry cleaned and ready to wear within 24 hours of pickup.

Our pickup and deliver dry cleaning service is available throughout Los Angeles County including in Pasadena, Arcadia, Burbank, San Dimas, Glendale, La Verne, Monterey Park, Highland Park, and more. Please see our service area for a complete list of cities and zip codes in which our dry cleaning service is available. Wash Wizards dry cleaning service is a convenient solution for your professional dry cleaning and commercial laundry needs.

Households spend several hours each week washing, cleaning, and folding laundry. For households without a washing machine and dryer the time spent on laundry can be even higher. Wash Wizards pricing of under $2 per pound of laundry makes it extremely easy and affordable to handle all of your laundry needs. For first time users of Wash Wizards laundry service the first 25 pounds of laundry are free. This allows you the most affordable way to get caught up on your backed up laundry, and the costs of maintaining your laundry going forward will be even more affordable.

We are experienced caring for all clothing types and materials including large laundry orders including medical practices, hospitals, and schools, as well as delicate items such as wool, silk, luxury bedding, vintage garments, and more. We can provide clean pressed dress shirts and suits, erase deep set stains, and restore items to like new condition. Do you have a special item which you’re apprehensive about trusting to our laundry service? Contact us for more information or to discuss your order. We’ll be able to answer any questions you have about our cleaning techniques. Wash Wizards dry cleaning and laundry service is your set it and forget it laundry solution in Los Angeles County.

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All laundry is delivered within 24 hours of pickup washed, dried, cleaned, folded, and ready to wear, with all cleaning services guaranteed. Please contact us or click here to get started with our wash and fold, commercial laundry, or dry cleaning services. Please see our complete service area. If your location in the greater Los Angeles area is not listed, please contact us to inquire about laundry pickup in your area.