Commercial Laundry in Los Angeles - Pasadena, Arcadia, Monrovia

Many businesses have developed a need for a commercial laundry service, including:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Medical Practices
  • Salons, Clubs
  • Mechanics

We can provide towels, linens, uniforms, and clean laundry on a daily basis. For many of these businesses and institutions having clean laundry at all times which is stain-free, completely sanitary, neat, and presentable is a must-have. Even average residences with washers in the home can have trouble handling everyday laundry with single loads taking several hours from the start of washing to completing folding. Businesses and operations with high volumes of laundry must use a commercial laundry service, and Wash Wizards is the best option throughout Los Angeles County.

To handle a large amount of laundry on site regularly would require several on site washing machines and dryers as well as several people spending hours each day. The initial investment in machinery, along with ongoing maintenance and staff fees really makes on-site laundry cost-prohibitive for most businesses, which is you’ll see even the most successful businesses like high-end hotels and restaurants.

Coin-op laundromats would be the most common alternative to in-house laundry or a commercial laundry service. Coin-op would alleviate the initial investment in laundry equipment, but a coin-op laundromat solution is even more cumbersome than in-house laundry because laundry has to be taken to the laundromat’s physical location, hours still need to be spent loading machines, supervising the laundry, drying, and folding, and laundry still needs to be returned to the business. This is actually the least convenient laundry solution possible because other factors have to be dealt with such as finding available machines. The amount of money spent per pound of laundry at a coin-op laundromat would be significantly higher per pound that Wash Wizard’s wash and fold delivery service. Other solutions are just not practical for most businesses.

Wash Wizard’s commercial laundry services solves every problem that would be an issue with an in-house or coin-op laundry solution. Our wash and fold service allows you to schedule pickup service Monday through Friday during regular business hours, regular pickup times can be scheduled so no administrative time is required, unlimited amounts of laundry can be picked up, and all laundry is washed, dried, folded, and delivered within 24 hours. We use professional grade cleaning solutions, we follow all special washing instructions meticulously, and we guarantee satisfaction on all orders. Some popular linen items we deal with are hand and bath towels, gym towels, massage sheets, yoga mats, floor and logo mats, salon robes and more. At only $1.80 per pound, and with the first 25 pounds free on your first order, our wash and dry professional laundry service is the most cost-effective laundry solution in Los Angeles County. Our service area includes much of Los Angeles County including Arcadia, Altadena, Burbank, Glendale, La Verne, Highland Park, Monterey Hills, Monrovia, Monterey Park, Pasadena, and elsewhere in Los Angeles. Please see our complete service area

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All laundry is delivered within 24 hours of pickup washed, dried, cleaned, folded, and ready to wear, with all cleaning services guaranteed. Please contact us or click here to get started with our wash and fold, commercial laundry, or dry cleaning services. Please see our complete service area. If your location in the greater Los Angeles area is not listed, please contact us to inquire about laundry pickup in your area.