The Uber of Laundry

by Wash Wizards Los Angeles Laundry Service
The Uber of Laundry
Laundry is a chore that no one enjoys doing or has time for. Make people and passions a priority in your life and leave the loads of laundry to someone else.
John Learned, the founder of Wash Wizards, is just that guy, after opening coin operatedLaundromats in Los Angeles; he made the transition to a full-service laundry service completewith a phone app.“It’s a big time saver, busy people, families, or people who wants to save time in today’s lifestyle- and everybody as – [are] turning to a lot of on-demand services,” said Learned. He comparesWash Wizards to the food delivery service, L.A Bite and driver service, Uber.
Their app makes it a cinch to coordinate your clean clothes and save time for things that matter.“What we’re kind of doing that for laundry service, especially in the Pasadena area. We pick upand clean their clothes and fold them and [return them] within 24 hours,” explained Learned.
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